Custom White Balance with an Expodisc- Love this!

White Balance Settings


Hi friends! White balance is such an important element in taking good photographs.

In today’s video I’m going to show you my favorite tool for getting correct white balance in camera, which means less time in the editing room.

There are many ways to set your white balance. You can use your camera’s auto settings or one of the presets. You can also use Kelvin (which is choosing a number based on the temperature of the light.)

When I first started, I used the auto setting on my camera. It was easy to change the white balance when I was editing, but it took a long time because I had to change it for each individual photo. On top of that, I would often come back the next day and second-guess myself. I wasn’t sure if I got the colors quite right. I started using a custom white balance which is what we are going to talk about today.

One of the problems I found with shooting in auto white balance is that even if I was standing in the same spot, the light is constantly changing. This meant that when I would take it into the editing room, each photo would be a little bit different and I’d have to apply different settings to each of them to get them to look consistent.

Then I started using a gray card. A gray card is a big card that I would have my subjects hold, and then in editing I would take the white balance dropper tool and click on it and then it would correct the white balance for that photo or that group of photos.


How to use an ExpoDisc for White Balance


A few years ago I bought an ExpoDisc. I use it on every photo shoot, even when I’m just at home taking photos of the kids. It makes my life so much easier! You can buy an ExpoDisc on Amazon, or wherever you get photo supplies. They come in different sizes, but I would just recommend getting a bigger one so that it can cover all or at least most of your lenses.

Let me tell you how easy it is to use!

You’ll want to make sure that your camera is set to custom white balance. On my Nikon D750 it’s called “white balance preset.”

Then you will click and hold down the white balance button on the back until it starts flashing “PRE.” That means that it’s ready to take the reading.

You want to be standing where the subject would be standing to get this reading. Make sure that it’s metered to the center, click on the shutter button, and it should say “good.” If it says “no good” try again!

Check out the video below for a photo example with auto white balance, and a custom balance using the ExpoDisc. You’ll see how much cooler the auto white balance is. With white balance you want your whites in the photo to look white and that’s what we’ve accomplished by using the ExpoDisc.




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