ExpoDisc vs Auto Mode comparison

Hey friends! I took my girls out for a photoshoot in the snow so that I could show you the difference when using an ExpoDisc vs using Auto Mode.

Shooting in the snow can be tricky, because there can be a huge glare from the sun.

I shoot in the shade to avoid that glare, but sometimes the camera has a hard time getting the correct white balance in the shade. Pictures will often come out blue, which is not what I’m looking for!


ExpoDisc vs. Auto Mode – Side by Side


If you want to learn a little bit more about this favorite little tool of mine and how to use it, click here and here to read my past blog posts all about it! I explain how to use it in detail, for both white balance and exposure.

In the video below, I’m going to show you some shots side by side of auto mode versus using the ExpoDisc. This helps with exposure and with white balance and I love it!

The ExpoDisc doesn’t take much longer than shooting in Auto Mode, but the results are so much better! Watch the video to see for yourself!


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