Instagram Reels: 5 Ideas for Family Photographers

Last week, we talked about how to make Instagram Reels. Click here if you haven’t seen that yet!  In today’s video we’re going to talk about five Instagram Reels ideas that you as family photographers can use to grow your business!


Instagram Reels Ideas

1. Film a reel on you getting ready for your photo shoots.  Anything that you do, especially things that are unique to you! This would be great for a reel.

2. Do a reel on your favorite camera gear, especially that one thing that you can’t live without. Explain why you love it so much!

3. Show some behind the scenes of you working at a photo shoot. This works really well if you have someone that comes along with you and records little videos of you behind the scenes but you can also ask your clients to help you with this.

4. Do a reel on you working behind the scenes editing a session. Maybe do it on time lapse so that they can see the whole thing in the short 15 second clip. This can be really fascinating to some people to see your picture go from raw to finished.

5. Suggestions for your clients on what to wear. You can make multiple reels on this!


*Watch the video below where I go more in depth with each of the ideas*



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I hope these Instagram Reels ideas were helpful and inspired you! I have really been enjoying using them to grow my business.  If you’d like to connect with other learning photographers and be able to ask me questions, here’s a link to my Facebook group. Hope to see you soon!


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