Perfect Exposure with an Expodisc

Getting the Perfect Exposure


Hi friend! Last week we talked about how to get a correct white balance with the ExpoDisc.

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about how to get the perfect exposure in camera with the same ExpoDisc.

Up until a few years ago, I used to use spot metering to get a correct exposure. Spot metering is a great way to get a really precise exposure. You just place the focal point right on the brightest part of your subject’s face and meter for that.

It’s not always accurate though, and there is room for error. If you’re shooting a really light subject, the meter will need to be a couple ticks to the right to be properly exposed. If you’re shooting a darker subject, it needs to be a little bit to the left.

I discovered that by using the ExpoDisc, I could get almost a perfect exposure every time I used it. 

If you’re shooting in raw it’s really simple to go in and fix your exposure when you’re editing, but I like getting things right in camera as much as possible. This is why the ExpoDisc is perfect for me!

How to use an ExpoDisc for Perfect Exposure


It’s very important to stand where your subject will be standing and not where you’ll be photographing from.

You want to make sure that your camera is set to custom white balance (on mine it’s white balance preset,) and then hold down the white balance button until it flashes.

Once it’s flashing “PRE” for preset and then you’ll know it’s ready.

Take the white side and hold that over the camera and then adjust the settings.

Remember, you’ll want to have your ISO as low as it can go while keeping the shutter speed where it needs to be. Then, just take a picture with the ExpoDisc covering the whole lens, and your camera should say “good.”

Check out the video below to see some photo examples of just how good the ExpoDisc is at getting the perfect exposure in camera.


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