Photography Workflow from Inquiry to Session


Hey friends! In the video today, I am going to talk about my photography workflow for family sessions, from that first email until the actual session. 


Initial Contact


There are two main ways that my clients contact me. One is through social media and one is through my contact form on my website. When they contact me through Instagram or Facebook messenger, I refer them to the contact form on the website. This way, everyone is filling out the same information.

I used to get a lot of questions about how much my sessions cost even though I have the prices written on my website, so I added a link to my contact form that says “These are the sessions I offer which one are you interested in?”

Once I respond to their email I will make sure that we know which session they’re doing, and then I send them my calendar link for that specific session.


Booking the Session

I love using an online calendar that just already has my available dates and the times filled in. This means I don’t have to go back and forth with the client. They just look and see what days are available and then it tells them the time and then they fill out their contact information and it schedules the appointment for them.

After they schedule their appointment, I send them their contract and their invoice. I also remind them that their session is not reserved for them until they have paid their invoice. Depending on the session they either owe 50 or the entire amount up front to book their slot.


Family Session Guide


And after they sign the contract and pay the invoice, then I send them my Family Session Guide. This guide is super important because it’s very detailed and it helps them prepare well for their session. It helps them know what to expect, and what locations I love and use so they can choose one of those. It also helps me get to know them better, because there’s a questionnaire element to it!

Another great thing is that it helps them with what to wear. Something I hear all the time is that it is so hard for people to choose what to wear, even with a big list of guidelines, so the more you can do to help your clients feel comfortable with that, the more they will appreciate it!


Reaching out Before the Session

Now the week before their session I will send out an email. I usually check in on them, check the forecast, and make sure everything looks good for their scheduled day. Sometimes they can be left wondering if you still know that they have a session so it’s really helpful to be the first one to initiate that contact closer to the session.

And then the day of the session I like to send a text. I either send the exact location again, or just say “let me know when you’re here” or “I’m looking forward to our session today.” I don’t usually give out my phone number before that, but I like text them so they have my number in case they need to contact me.


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Special Offer

Your photography workflow makes a huge difference! is You know it’s important to help your clients prepare for their session, but maybe you’re not sure exactly what to say or how to prepare them. I am sharing my Family Session Guide with you.

It’s going to help you talk your clients through what to wear. It’s going to help you show them all of your beautiful locations that you like to use, and it will help you get to know them a little bit better.

It includes the exact wording that I use. I’m also including a template for you so you can fill it in with your own information – super easy! I show a couple tutorial videos on how to do that and I hope that’s really helpful for you! 

Watch the video for a special discount on my Family Session Guide!




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